Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, we started out as a super bowl home rental company renting homes for the super bowl in Jacksonville ,Fl . Then after the game we went to just doing home rentals then in June of 2007 we add homes for sale - in Nov/Dec 2007 we added section 8 homes for rent - so after much debate we have added event rentals back on as other company's seem to be using our name in there ad's and I have asked them to stop they seem not to want to as they place higher on search engines using the name super home rentals so I thought we should go back to that . The superbowl is fixing to be here and then gone and as the next spot for it is in Tampa ,Fl I thought we should get a head start on it and go for it as we have a year before it is here again in Fl so we have the name out there from before and I thought maybe it would help in the ranks /search engines so I thought let's use it instead of them -so wish us luck -on the run -allan

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