Thursday, January 3, 2008


I have been putting off my predictions so I guess I better add them before next year huh .
Well let's get to it !
1. and will not show up in the top ten at all will gain ground I also think will lose a lot of ground -I also feel websites with smaller names will gain more ground and place higher on search engines I know that sounds stupid but i have my reason's behind that.
2. My friend over at rentvine will gain a lot of ground in the east look for him to spend more time after the south fla market -Tampa , Jacksonville, Panama City Fl, -with the issues of Panama City building the new airport that area is all ready hot ! Look for that being the new Stockton Ca /Tampa Fl area for a while with the St.Joe Company building homes there and in Jacksonville and the port activity there at Jax Port heating up is is a direct shot straight line folks -St. Joe owns land there and in Jax they are Fla largest land owners .
3. Look for other area's gaining ground like midwest - look at states like LA, AK ,MI, gaining customers looking for rentals as they look for jobs as they are moving from Ca - look for CO to still be hot and become one of the a highest rental area's in the nation -places like AZ will also get more renters -I feel a lot of people leaving CA and the west as they lose homes - by losing their home they have to look for a place to live they can afford -or more in with ageing parents in sunny FL or AZ once they get their foot on the ground they will be looking for rentals -
4. As for look for member's not to want to use them -Why: well you members know your market not them -also look how some people have felt about the MLS system and flat fee's -why should rentalshomepros be the one to make a new MLS for the rental market -most people I deal with are small investers , mom and pops why do they care about all they offer why would you join -what do you really get for the money spent -is it worth it -ad that to the cost of their agent websites , marketing and everything else just more steps and more money - slow start that I feel may never happen the way they planned !
5. look for prices to come down in the rental marketing listing services , look for more rentals out there higher priced .
6. look for more eco friendly agents new idea's -look for more out there
7.look for more virtual tours for rentals apartments and homes look for some of the bigger boys using you tube and offering sites that do that
8.look for a real estate show rental site to move to the top ten -WHY : well as gas prices increase more people will use the internet to view homes and view the show for homes may not be on tv may be a you tube show highlighting rentals
9. look for craiglist to start charging -- for rental listing !!!!!!!!!!!! trust me on this in the next few years they will look at ny they charge -ebay owns 22 % of craigslist -- go on there and just try and figure out how many rentals they have on there in all the towns -they lose a lot of money trust me ebay wants that money some how
10. LOOK FOR www.SUPERHOMERENTALS.COM to be a big player in 2008 ! were you use your mouse to view the house ~! i hope everyone has a great new year 2008 is going to be great ! - on the run allan !

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