Saturday, November 24, 2007


Thanksgiving is a time family gets together .My girlfriend Liz grew up in foster care I remember our first date .As we drove over a bridge her telling me she had lost her daughter and her boys due to her drug use and how she had went to rehab and was working on getting her back as her two boys were with their dad . And that she her self had been raised in foster care .When I was a freshman in high school my parents became foster parents for my sister's best friend in girl scouts when she was young as she needed a place to live and my mom and dad went to some program and saw that she was one of the kids and they went and did everything that they could to get her out .We had her till she was 18 . Liz having been in foster care lost contact with her brothers and sister's so I found them on the Internet and got them here for Thanksgiving- It was nice to see her cook dinner and clean her house and do all the things we do for family as it was her first time -28 years old and her first real thanksgiving as she is the second youngest she cooked instead of her older sisters there is 6 kids total that was given up. I have watched her grew so much this year its been 2 years 1/2 since she used drugs and she is such a great person she now has all her kids ! All 3 of them so for the first time in her life she had all her family in the house that she rents and cooked dinner for all . It is nice to see people's lives change in their homes and how people make their house a home .I know out there there have been people who have helped foster kids in one way or the other some times we help people with out knowing it -so for those people i want to take the time and tell you this thanksgiving i am grateful to you -Christmas is around the corner i always try and buy at least one gift and give it to a needy kid -how ever this Christmas i would like people to give to and ear market for ''kids who are exiting the foster care system '' these are the kids who need love and need a family -please find them and invite them in to your life and family as alot of them have no family due to no one having adopted them THANKS !

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