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RentBits | Rental Blog What is Section 8?

What is Section 8?

Many times, a renter may search for a property that accepts section 8 vouchers. If you are a real estate investor what does this mean?

What is Section 8?

Section 8: The section 8 housing is designed to increase the housing choices for low-income household by making privately held single family housing available to them. The government provides rent subsidies, either rental certificates or vouchers, on behalf of the eligible tenants. These vourchers usually equal the difference betweem 30 percent of the houshold’s adjustable income and the HUD-approved fai market rent (for certificates) or the PHA - approved payment standard (for vouchers)

Section 8 Rental Sites

HUD Property Search
Social Serve

Section 8 Resources


Landlord’s Guide to Section 8

How does the Section 8 program work?
How do I list my apartment with Section 8?
Does the Housing Authority screen Section 8 tenants?
Who pays the security deposit?
Do I sign a lease with the tenant?
What kind of inspection is done?
How much rent can I charge?
How do I get paid?
May I evict a Section 8 tenant?

  1. 16 Responses to “What is Section 8?”

  2. Thanks for the education. I know investors who would only rent to section 8 tenants because most of the rent is guaranteed.

    By Wayne Miller on Oct 28, 2007

  3. It means that you are getting rent on a guaranteed basis from the Government and the tenants are on a very short leash with drugs, gangs and such because they are in jeopardy of loosing their meal ticket if the violate the rules.

    By Chris Pollinger on Oct 28, 2007

  4. I didn’t like section 8 because I don’t want some government idiot telling me what I have to do.

    By John Walters on Oct 28, 2007

  5. Thanks for the info… I had a customer contact me last week that had such a voucher

    By Scott Slocum 239 340 1384 SW FL Real Estate on Oct 28, 2007

  6. I wrote a post yesterday about my experience with Section 8. Depending on your goals, it could be a good program for you. Of course, it also could really drive you nuts!

    By The Property Pundit on Oct 31, 2007

  7. How do I get a section 8 - I live in Greenwood Lake and I have been diabled all my life.

    By D.Karon on Nov 14, 2007

  8. i would like to say to the person who thinks people on sec 8 are dogs because the government has them on a short leash a bad tenant is a bad tenant and sec8 is not gonna make a person the ideal tenant and by the way there is a lot of people who pay full rent that need a leash

    By jennifer frazier on Nov 21, 2007

  9. I have appied for section8,but wasn’t accepted.

    By ELVIA GREEN on Nov 22, 2007

  10. I would like to rent my house in Villa Rica ga. section 8. Where do I get the information to do so. The contact number to office.

    By DAN HENRY on Nov 23, 2007

  11. Hi Dan,

    The best place to advertise your rental property is to post it to many rental and classifieds sites at once. You can do this through or you can call us at 720.895.1949.

    By Dan on Nov 23, 2007

  12. is there anyway that you can send my an application to my e-mail address so i can fill it out and send it back to you thank you and have a blessed day

    By penny robinson on Nov 24, 2007

  13. please send application won’t to applie for section 8

    By LATONYA TAYLOR on Nov 24, 2007

  14. if the landlord has the house on foreclosures would i have to move?

    By corwin s brown on Jan 11, 2008

  15. to the young man who made the negative remark as far as meal tickets go its a lot of people who work hard and still need assistance and are preductive people of society its people like you who will keep america from going forward. if a person feels as if they need the assistance and the government agrees then shut up and get a life, you must have been denied!!

    By tatylor lasady on Jan 13, 2008

  16. i jsut started a new social network for issues of section 8 housing please feel free to join it at on the site we will have a rep from hud on it each week to answer people ?’s and help them we are also looking to maybe add a im chat kinda thing were the rep will be on line for maybe a hour or two every sunday -we now have three reps that have said they will help out so please let us know what you need thanks

    By on Jan 31, 2008

  17. Why do I see only blacks and latino’s being helped more so than a white person? I could be on there waiting list for years before they help me. And they can get in a lot quicker than I. How doese this work for all people?

    By Michelle on Feb 3, 2008

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