Friday, November 30, 2007


*** note I gave the website address to kids alliance in my last blog wrong it is it is kids with a (s) SORRY about that .

I call Ted Turner my childhood friend as I knew him when I was a child - growing up in Ga . I would go to the baseball games in Atlanta - then it was Fulton County Stadium -he would sit up on top of the dugout drinking Bud in this lawn chair watching the game .I spoke to him a few times then and more over the years visiting him at his office and him to stop and say hi when in Albany , he was the reason I wanted to go to Brown University -then one night he did some thing at a bar that got him out of baseball for a while -he is the reason I sail today - he was lost at sea for a while,him being the only one who survived - I can recall when his dad died -he killed him self Ted selling billboard ad's to my father - he came along way from Tybee Island were my family use to vacation - today the question is again WHY -Why is Ted Turner buying all that land ?
Ted just got 26,300 acres for 10 million dollars -south Ga peanuts to him - Ted now has close to over 2 million acres of land he has become the largest private landowner in the country .Owning land in 9 states filling it with bison -some people think its about water -I think its about MEAT - there's a lot of funny things about Ted he does not like ac never uses it in his cars nether do I (unless the kids are with me on a hot day other then a beach outing ) -he has his own Ted commandment's ( TEN OF THEM ) he use to have these decanters in his office I have not been there in years so I don't know if he still has them they were of wild turkey I think -I say all this as he knows things how to prepare for the future look at CNN who knew we would need news 24 /7 and cable tv one day and he does strange things ( JANE FONDA COUNTS! ) - For all his conservation he offers $11,000 dollars hunting trips for a week to kill elk -so the bison is about meat - what I mean is this -CHINA - what if Ted who now has entered the restaurant business with Ted's Montana Grill that features bison is able to sell meat to the ever growing China -bison meat.He owns the largest herd in the world 45,000 plus --many of them on his land in Nebraska. Bison need less attention then cattle, with China growing and mad cow disease out there it is something to think about -My dad use to say he didn't want to own all the land in the world ''just all the land that touches his ''.
well on the run -Allan
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